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Andrushivka Studio

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Shooting people has always been our priority, It is not surprising, that wedding photography immediately took a major place in our photo biography.

Nevertheless,, for us, the picture is not work, это нечто большее. Скорее это способ самовыражения.

Мы считаем, что если изображениеContinue reading

Today, many who wish to donate on an original and truly unforgettable gift.
Bright and cheerful labels on bottles may be to the anniversary, before the wedding, etc.. Your photo or picture, яку Ви хочете бачити на етикетці ми вставимо в нашContinue reading

Offer services of wedding photography. Creation and production of photo books and fotoalbomov. Individual and creative approach to each client.
In more detail with photo and packages of services can be found on my site. Go > look > call > order.
Price from 2000 UAH. for package or hourly 300 UAH/hour.

Contact person: Polyanovskyy Yaroslav
Phone: +380504484469

Internet advertising UBU

Internet advertising UBU
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