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SLR camera work and the three removable lenses for different types of shooting, two of them-art, giving a very nice picture.
Treat all photos – contrast, color, pruning, translation in BW, etc..
When ordering a complete wedding day – 30 photo carefully and retuširuû 10 photo a-4 type in a remarkable gift for EPSON Stylus Photo 1410.
Treat clients with respect, come, call and give my work at the scheduled time, love the accuracy and honesty.


Candid wedding photography;
Wedding reportage;
Love story;
Family photo;
Portrait of adult and children's;
Advertising photography;
Interior photography.

My contact details:
Phone: +380677696706
Phone: +380635670043
Skype: fumosl

Internet advertising UBU

Internet advertising UBU
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