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You want to choose a wedding photographer?

In fact, It's not so difficult, Fortunately the choice is big enough, recognizable authors have their own style, handwriting, You can only compare their taste preferences with the works of authors- whether they coincide!

Shoot, preferably in the style of photo-journalism. Live in Zhytomyr, shoot all over Ukraine.

I express my great gratitude to all couples, who trusted me to shoot one of the most important events of his life, and continue to work with me and further!

To familiarize yourself with the works go on my site.

We wish you pleasant viewing!

Most of all I love to shoot a person, emotions, take preferably in the style of photo-journalism, with elements of productions.

You want to capture an important event, memorable day, or you have a wedding, want to replenish the family, or personal collection of interesting, beautiful photos? If the photo you want to see this, leave in the memory of their genuine emotions and feelings, contact, We do not interfere with the inspiration to undertake high quality photoshoot! Work and live in Zhytomyr, for travel to any region of Ukraine.

My contacts:
Phone: +380632823000

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Internet advertising UBU
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