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There is a perception, that the agency order the more expensive, and direct is cheaper, but this is not so. All the normal agency not jacking up prices, It's really true. But I suggest also a discount) Why so?

Working with the Agency for me there are many advantages:

1. There is always a clear planvs′ogo of the day, where the prescribed hour for filming, We just always have time to digest everything, that the planned.
2. Wedding, who organizes the Agency always higher level, and it means – more interesting images, decor, the atmosphere of the.
3. The Agency releases me from my administrative work, which is so not like representatives of creative professions).
4. I'm not doing the promotion, because, usually seeing teamwork, Customers bought the entire team.
5. Team work easier and more fun, We always support each other, work, as one body and as a result benefit primarily the newlyweds, getting the best pictures.

That is why I offer a discount on their services, because money is not the most important, and I get a lot of advantages.

Peredvesìl′na shooting (Love story), This is a great opportunity to not only get good pictures, but also the opportunity to zpracûvatis′ with the photographer, that positively affect the photo from the future wedding. This will give an opportunity to get more emotional and živìšì photos. Shooting can be done on the day of the rehearsal of the hairstyle and makeup in the Studio or on the nature. All organizational issues progovorûût′sâ at meeting.

My contact details:
Phone: +38 (063) 937-23-07
Address: m. Zhitomir, St. Kyiv, 14 (2 on top of the) Office Jam Studio

Internet advertising UBU

Internet advertising UBU
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