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Photos of wedding services

Her wedding day you will remember all your life. Save your memories for years to come will help holiday photo album. As soon as you open it, again will revive in the memory of your wedding day.


– Reportage photography is the fixation with cameras running events at Saints.
– When art still capture the photographer specifically selects a location for shooting, perspectives, posy.
– You can also make a Photo Studio.

As a rule, the wedding used mixed views, When the photographer captures events holidays and emits a rhythmic time shooting. Next you can read several works of the photographer:

Option 1.
Photographer znimkuê a film or digital camera to your holiday and You film footage, film or CD without further processing photos. If you print the photos on 30 cents, do not hurry svariti photographer for bad quality photos. Perhaps, It's not in it, and in print quality?

Option 2.
Photographer znimkuê your holiday, self prints the first copy of the best of the photos given his vision of quality. You he sends the film and photography. Photo prints can immediately enter the fee, and can be linked to separate.

Option 3.
Photographer znimkuê your wedding, makes a lot of artistic photos, picks up for this place, comes up with for you to pose, find the best locations. After the wedding he artistically handles your best photos by using computer software, makes a color and black and white photographs, prints the very best and gives you a ready-made photo album. As a rule, the cost of photography and the cost of further artistic processing and photo printing is caused by separately.

Option 4.
Someone of your friends are photographing your wedding. After you collect all, who had a wedding camera, all of the film footage they film and convey the photographer. He considers them, selects the best, best shots, parses them and prints you pictures. In this case, do not forget, that your friend – no professional still capture. So, as known in Lviv photographer Games Herasymchuk, “Wedding – This is an important event, that happens once in a lifetime, and whether to allow, to your holy someone learned my mistakes? I think that no. But the choice is yours.”.

We will find a photographer, who will be able to see and “stop” always the most beautiful moments of your holidays!

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