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I, Kaminsky Vadim Romanov was born 19 November 1986 in the town of Berdichev, where you grew up and studied. Even at an early age, my attention was attracted by old photos, made by my grandparents and dad. Holidays, birthdays or just home furnishings, each imprinted moment telling me your story and present in those moments the mood. And I enjoyed, that using pictures I could see their relatives have , which never in reality not seen.
Maybe the children's interest in fotokartočkam and affect my future profession, about which not even dreamed. But already in adolescence, After acquiring digital SOAP dish, destiny began to push me to photo creativity. Then I realized, craze that is covering me with your head more and more.
And autumn 2010 I am a member of photo Club "Berdichev" S under the eponymous name "Berdičev″". I participate in urban and regional exhibitions, which further leads already to personal expositions on various topics.
At the moment I am engaged in various types of filming, who want to provide on its website. And if you are interested in something, contact, I will be glad to.
I wish you pleasant viewing.
Randomness is not accidental, because everything in our world is not just.

My contact details:
Phone: +38 096 855 31 12 DJUICE
Phone: +38 093 336 73 16 Life

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Internet advertising UBU
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