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The photographer is a magician, the holder of this time machine, Thanks to which, as for the sweep of the magic wand, After each keystroke, Your compelling persons remain in the memory of the miracle of the apparatus ".
Is your wedding photographer Assistant and Wizard, in such an important and pleasantly exciting day as wedding. He and his assistant, «miracle», will unswervingly follow you, that would be, Don't miss important moments of history this days, что бы свадебная фотография запомнила события, которые не повторяться снова.
Профессиональная репортажная и постановочная фотосъёмка в студии и на природе. Коррекция фото и создание свадебной фотокниги.
Профессиональная видеосъёмка и монтаж.
Услуги тамады и музыки.

Prices: fotos″emka – 500 hrn., videos″emka – 1600 UAH.

Contact person: Елена Владимировна
Phone: 0937659667, 0971910281

Internet advertising UBU

Internet advertising UBU
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