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Our life napovnene podìâmi, emotions and mass of pleasant moments, Recalling that, We go deep into the past and like again are experiencing those wonderful moments…

And remember all, Unfortunately, can't nobody. Even the most important events, that left bright and color picture, eventually fade, and sometimes completely dissolve and disappear…

From the time when the cameras and camcorders, it seemed to be not a problem, But what to do when the quality of your prints and the lack of experience of the photographer largely negatively affects the end result? Additional processing of the photo always helps in this.

Processing of photos is carried out depending on your wishes.. Removed the red eye effect, produced photo retouching (the capturing of wrinkles, other unwanted details), montage, create collages, processing wedding photos, artistic design (under additional nuances) etc..

Processing of photos includes a wide range of services:

– correct light, colors;
– Change brightness, contrast, color saturation, adjusting the color balance, noise, sharpening the picture;
– remove the extra details;
– change the background;
– partial or complete discoloration.

Processing of the photo also allows you to perform restoration and repair various damage photos, provide the color black and white znìmkam. When processing photos you can change the image size and significantly improve its quality. You can efficiently reduce photo to carry in a purse, or, on the contrary, make a poster with a portrait of a loved one.

How often do you dovìrâlisâ “vmìûčim” employees or friends, and then, through a lot of time getting something strange, zasvìčenu, or just failed the likeness on the photo? Processing photos – a complex and time-consuming process, that requires not just skill, but also a great experience in the genre.

Our experts will give Your photos an entirely new look, that will give you a lot of unforgettably pleasant impressions!

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Internet advertising UBU
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