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Internet advertising UBU

For our service and quality printing, You can order the 100 business cards for free.

However, there are two conditions:

1. You have to create a mock business cards with ready-made templates.
2. We will post on the back of your business cards, advertisements.
Your business cards will be printed on coated, matte paper density 350 g/m2, manufacture of UPM-Kymmene (Finland). Products will be digitally is printed way, Thus you will immediately be able to see the quality of our print and most importantly – estimate, the work of our servisa!

The term business cards – 5 working days.
100 vizitok for FREE you get the plastic boksi, for easy storage. Delivery vizitok Specify progress poštoj, You pay ONLY the shipping services.

Free business cards are printed only on one set of legal or physical person.
The business functions are not available free redaktori moving text and images, upload your images, changing text attributes.
These features are only available in the paid redaktori business cards.

We may refuse you print up business cards free, If:

– business card contains personal information (personal business cards), in print we only accept business (corporate) business cards;
– layout contains the immoral, extremist, obscene and therefore similar images or text;
– information, posted on cutaway, contains inaccurate information about the owner or the company in General, is irrelevant;
– In addition, We reserve the right to refuse to print free business cards without explanation.

Internet advertising UBU

Internet advertising UBU
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