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We all have favorite movies… But our favorite film unequivocally and will forever remain a film about our wedding… Video – This is a great opportunity to again and again back in the day of your holidays, Once again relive it, laugh, and maybe poplakati, from happiness.

Consider, that there is no need to convince you, that the videographer should be at a wedding necessarily. So, that the operator can do for you?

Option one.
The operator simply znimkuê your wedding and puts music on video. You get a videotape or CD drive, the value of which is determined by the individually.

Second option.
Operator znimkuê your wedding, uses while shooting some video effects and makes a small installation movie, imposes music. You also get a videotape or CD drive.

The third option.
The operator creates a film about your holiday. This includes previous development scenario, shooting your dating or “Love stories”, computer processing of captured video, overlay computer vìdoefektìv, Insert frames from cartoons, movies, Your photo albums, selection and overlay music and much more. As a result you are getting ready to film his best holiday, that is not much inferior to the Hollywood bestseleram!

The fourth option.
Your friends are organizing “lûbitelsku” video. After the holidays you prefer the tape operator, and he tries to make her video. Do not promise you a successful outcome in this case. Because, No lover, that specifies holidays from time to time, never reach for excellence to the, who does this regularly and professionally.

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Internet advertising UBU
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